User Guide Available: Yes
User Guide Location: HOME > DOWNLOADS
Manufacturer: Ericsson-LG
Availability: New
Suitability: General Office / Remote Workers
Flexible Buttons: 24
Handsfree Mode: Full Duplex
EHS Support: Yes
DSS Support: Yes
Network Speed: N/A
H/W Warranty: 3 Years
Protocol: Digital (TDM)
System: eMG80, eMG800, UCP

The LDP-9224DF


The LDP-9200 series are Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s digital desktop phones that bring the functionality to the desktop with display based interfaces, call log, self labelling keys *, and simplified administration.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise digital desktop phones meet the diverse requirements for features, reliability, ease of use, and productivity as well as ergonomic user friendly design.

 * On some models


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