WIT400HE - WiFi Handset

WIT400HE - WiFi Handset
Manufacturer: Ericsson-LG
Product Code: WIT400HE
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VoIP Protocol : IPKTS

Voice encoding: G.711(A/u law) / G.729 / G.722 and

802.11e (WMM) for QOS are supported


Telephony Options


Multi-line appearance

Calling name and number display

Call waiting / Call forward

Call transfer / Call park

Call hold / resume

Call pick-up

3way calling (conference)



Wi-Fi Technology
Frequency range : 802.11 b/g (2.4 - 2.4835 GHz)  Wireless Access Protocol : CSMA/CA
802.11 Wireless Network Set



Pre-dialing before sending



Manner & Lock Mode


Adjusting Volume

RSSI Display

Calling name

Wireless Profile

Online S/W Upgrade

Security : WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-CCMP

Compatible system : iPECS-LIK, iPECS-MG, iPECS-CM

Operating Range : 50m (In House), 200 m 


Terminal Features
Buttons 2
Connection Type WiFi
Display Full Color LCD

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