IP Call Recording - IPCR

IP Call Recording - IPCR
Manufacturer: Ericsson-LG
Product Code: PH-IPCR
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iPECS IP Call Recording (IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring server application for the iPECS call servers. It is designed expressly for small to medium-sized business. The iPECS IPCR delivers an affordable yet flexible solution. Employing the open Linux OS and integration with the iPECS call servers simplifies installation, eases maintenance and reduces costs. The application enables recording and monitoring of any station managed by the iPECS call servers including local and remote IP Phones, TDM and SLT devices and provides value-added features for the convenience of the user and administrator.


Simple installation and easy maintenance


The iPECS IPCR meets customer needs for an advanced yet simple and cost effective solution for SMB. From installation to manage- ment, you can leverage the office IP network environment. Using the iPECS ‘Plug & Play’ registration, you can simply register the iPECS IPCR with the iPECS call servers.

The native IP application records calls delivered over a single IP connection; no mess and expense with extra cabling to PSTN trunk lines and stations. Central management for both main office and remote office through a Web interface further eases the manage- ment task with intuitive graphics and charts for statistics and administration.


Cost effective flexible solution


Employing the open Linux OS with a built-in powerful recording engine minimizes the hardware server and OS costs without impacting performance. The iPECS IPCR links with the high performance iPECS call servers to record up to 200 simultaneous calls. One IPCR server can service up to ten iPECS call servers for remote recording. For survivability and balancing a single iPECS call server can employ the services of 10 IPCR servers. In a pure IP environment the iPECS IPCR application records all iPECS managed terminals without extra circuit boards or additional servers. Also, there is no need for additional CTI servers for agents and signaling, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Value-added features


Even for the small and medium sized business, the features required are not significantly different from that of the larger enterprise. The iPECS IPCR addresses these needs with plenty of value-added features. Such features as real-time agent monitoring, one click call monitoring, on-demand call recording, convenient playback controls and graphical presented statistics are basic functionality of the iPECS IPCR. Security can be a key ingredient in a contact center or even the general business environment. With the iPECS IPCR, transparent security policies can be applied over a distributed system deployment including remote offices and road warriors. The iPECS IPCR supports global standard AES and TLS 1.0 as well as sRTP.


Intuitive user interface


You can easily access to the recording files over web browser. In an Internet Explore 7+ environment, real time feature access, one click play, download, forward, comment and more are available. With the iPECS IPCR web interface, use many search options to retrieve and replay captured contacts from any network connect.

What’s more, the graphical interface with icons, charts and graphs, is easy and intuitive for users to operate and manage. The iPECS IPCR also provides many statistics reports on the real time usage including number of calls, average talk time, etc. These intuitive user interface and reports help the SMB make better decisions faster and implement them quicker. 


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