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CICS Combination Services Cartridge (8 Port TCM)
This Card will add 8 stations to a CICS 8x16 system, to make it a 8x24 system. ..
Combination Fiber 6-Port Service Cartridge
This is the 6 port fiber expansion card for the MICS. It allows the expansion of lines and/or statio..
Digital Trunk Interface Card - T1
Provides access for up to 24 digital T1 or ISDN-PRI channels. It comes equipped with built-in Channe..
Global Analog Trunk Card - CLID
The 4x0 Caller ID LS/DS Trunk Card (NT7B75) is used to add 4 incoming lines with Caller ID to your N..
Global Analog Trunk Card - LSDS
The 4x0 LS/DS Trunk Card (NT7B75G) is used to add 4 incoming lines to your Norstar Compact ICS or Mo..
MICS 2 Port Fiber Expansion
This is a 2 port expansion card that goes in the main MICS cabinet, allowing you to add a combina..
MICS 6 Port Fiber Expansion
The Norstar 6 Port Expansion Card (NTBB06) is used to add 6 extra connections for modules to the ..
Norstar PRI Enabler
This is the code for Primary Rate Interface on your Modular ICS System. Please call a sales r..
Services Cartridge
This card is used in conjunction with the NT7B74 T1 digital trunk card. It is required in order t..


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