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World Leader in Microwave Technology

With 40 years of unparalleled experience and investment in microwave technology and R&D, Ericsson is an industry leader. After 3M microwave deployments with more than 800 customers in 175 countries, we've encountered nearly every scenario. Every day, private industries, governments, utilities and service providers rely on Ericsson to ensure fast, secure transmission when speed, reliability and cost are factors. Wireless Fiber, also referred to as microwave or millimeter wave, is the perfect alternative when fiber solutions are impractical or if business continuity is important.


The Networked Society – where everything that can benefit from a connection will have one – is a reality being faced by enterprises of all sizes. Enterprise users are demanding and expect consistent, high quality connectivity to do their jobs. Ericsson Wireless Fiber is the perfect solution to deliver high-performing networks that grow with the business but also allow reduction in operating costs over traditional wired networks.


Ericsson Wireless Fiber offers a wide range of antennas and mounting options. Superior system gain translates into extra capacity on the same link and antenna, and the smaller footprint required results in a simple and fast set up at your location.





State of the art solutions that enable smart, scalable, simple and superior performing networks

We've designed and continue to evolve our Wireless Fiber solution to address the changing needs of our customers to ensure we deliver:


Cost-Effective Technology – Lower cost to deploy than fiber and other competing technologies with zero footprint solutions.


Flexible Solutions – Ericsson Wireless Fiber is modular to meet a variety of deployment needs as well as line-of-site (LOS) and non-line-of-site (NLOS) configurations.


Reliability – Our world-class Wireless Fiber solution is engineered for 6 9's reliability in diverse enterprise conditions.


Green Solutions – Ericsson Wireless Fiber radios are highly efficient, consuming 60% less power than traditional microwave technologies, reducing C02 emissions.


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