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iPECS Mobility Solutions



All iPECS systems are able to run our full range of mobility options. From the native DECT and WiFi Handsets as well as our UCS Mobile client on your smart mobile devices.


DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones) handsets use a private radio network connected to the system via BASE STATIONS. This allows you to have roaming across a wide area as well as provide coverage for multiple phones within the network.


DECT Handsets come with a desk charger, headset and support up to 95% of the telephony features of a standard IP desktop terminal.






WiFi handsets utilize your own existing wireless IP network and connects either locally or remotely to your telephone system. Each handset can have multiple profiles so when you're travelling there no need to be out of communications range.


The WiFi handsets support all of the latest WiFi protocols and security levels as well as over 95% of the telephony features supported on a standard IP desktop terminal. Each handset comes with a desk charger, power supply and headset for privacy and handsfree operation.








UCS Mobile Allows total mobility regardless of where you are in the world. Install UCS mobile on your smartphone (IOS or Android) and once you've logged in you are ready to go with voice, IM (Instant Messaging) and video calling. 


UCS Mobile shows you the realtime presensce information of your contacts and fellow UCS users, once you select a contact you can either call them using 3G/Data or Cellular or if it's easier; simply send them a quick instant message.


You also have the option to send video to the other party (providing they are using UCS or an LIP-9070) and have true, realtime conversations, regardless of where you are!








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