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Why purchase an Ericsson-LG Telephone System ?


Long and well established history in telephony


Ericsson-LG have a long standing heritage based in telephony. Ericsson was founded the same year Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. LG (Formerly Goldstar) have been maufacturing telephone systems for over 30 years. Products such as the GSX, GDK and LDK are still installed and working today. The products you see today have evolved from these well established and successful products used throughout the globe.



GSX 12 Button Set (Circa 1997) GDK 24 Button Set (Circa 2003) GDK Executive Set (Circa 2003) LDK 30 Button Set (Circa 2008)



These systems evolved from 4-wire working (2 wire voice / 2 wire data) to the newer TDM (Time Division Multiplex) systems that only used 2-wires for both voice and data. The TDM systems were the GDK and LDK and even now the new Hybrid systems such as the eMG80 and eMG800 still use that same technology. A large number of the same features and programming codes are still available today one the newer systems. ELG pride themselves on backwards compatibility and not requiring a "Forklift Upgrade" to grow and expand.



" Ericsson-LG iPECS is a telephony platform FIRST and has added UC (Unified Communications).

It's very difficult to add powerful telephony to an IM or data product without the background, history or experience."



The iPECS product range has been designed to manage, route and handle voice calls. First and foremost. The telephone is still the most preferred method of communication and that is not going to change anytime soon. All of our iPECS products have a comprehensive feature set that allows your customers to reach you quickly and efficiently, regardless of your location.


Solid State Architechture


Ericsson-LG Communication Platforms such as the eMG80 / eMG800 / UCP are not "server dependant", we do not require 1000's of dollars of software and hardware to operate at full functionalilty. All of our platforms operate "out-of-the-box" without the need for Microsoft Windows Servers to operate Voicemail, UC (Unified Communications) or IM (Instant Messaging). Our technology is rock solid and proven from years of experience in IC (Integrated Circuit) manufacturing from other divisions within LG.


The only moving part you will find on our pure-IP products (LIK / UCP) is the small fan located at the rear of the module, everything else is embedded onto the main board. No hard-disks, 1 moving part, total reliability.


Unified Software


As of Jan 2015, the following Ericsson-LG products will be running "Unified Release" software. The eMG80 / eMG80 / UCP will all share a common software code-base. What does that mean ?


Faster bug fixes and patches

Feature consitency across all platforms

Consistent programming UI (HTML5 web interface)

Database migration between platforms


Simplified Administration


All UR (Unified Release) share the same HTML5 programming UI (User Interface). All iPECS systems do not require a proprietary administration program to configure, change or upgrade the system. All you need is a HTML5 compatible web browser and you are ready to go!


Below is an example from the eMG80 running R1.2.10 software.

Welcome Page
Initial Logon Page / System Attributes


Station Attributes / Database Maintenance
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