iPECS Audio File Converter

This page will allow you to upload audio files and generate the correctly formatted (including language option) wav files compatible with any iPECS Telephone System.

You can only upload WAV / MP3 / MP4 audio files.

The files CANNOT be any larger then 3Mb otherwise they will be rejected.

Please make sure there are NO spaces in your filename, replace space with "_" or " - "

The files should only be stored on our server until the process is finished.
You must press the DELETE button after the converted file has been downloaded..
For maintenance purposes, any uploaded files will be deleted on the hour each day.

Please choose what system you will be generating audio for 

Choose which language prompt 1-6 (Default 1) then greeting (CCR) number 01-200 (01-72 on LIK)

Please select your file for uploading

When ready press to begin.